If You're Looking for the Beta Program Special, that Expired Jan 31. You Can Still Join the Regular 5-Minute Business Builder Program and get All 3 Months of the Course!

Lightworker 5-Minute Business Builder Program

Like getting yummy Lightworker clients with ease?

You’ll love this program.

Get ready to grow a business that you love, your way!.

I’ll keep this quick:

Ready to grow Your Lightworker Business into one You Love? l have a brand new program I've developed just for Lightworkers. The new program is called Lightworker 5- Minute Business Builder.

This isn’t just another "get clients" program where you're taught someone else's one-size-fits-all all system and expected to make it work for you. This is about nailing down a couple of core steps in a way that is authentic to you, your niche and your superpowers. This program is designed for Lightworkers, not widget sellers.

This isn't some "pdf dump" either. You're getting all 3 of the vital business growing modules with a private coaching library to track your progress. all for $37 / mon. Jump on this if you want to make 2024 your Lightworker Business year!

This is Perfect for You If You are

A Lightworker or Energy Healer:

  • who is challenged finding clients to grow their Lightworker business
  • who has tried guru one-size fits all programs with disappointing results
  • who struggles to find messaging that is authentic to you and not sleazy
  • who is willing to invest some time in trying the material and offering feedback
  • who want to re-find the joy of your service and love your business too.-

In 3 Months -

Accelerate Your Lightworker Business for 2024!

Relief is Coming for Your Business

Let's dig in and get your New Year on track for growing a business you love and it loves you back.

Feel the relief of it working with ease and satisfaction. Let's go!

Learn The 5-Minute Business Builder Tools

5-Minute Client Finder

Learn our Exclusive 5-Minute Client Finder Tool. Learn where you to look for clients, all in 5 minutes or less! We just use 5 organic steps. I'll give you the exact tool we use so that you know where to look for clients.

5-Minute Value Validator

Many gurus are teaching "widget marketing" which sets you up to compete with 10 million other Lightworkers and cut your rates. I’ll show you our 5-Minute Value Validator so that you stand out without reducing your fees

5-Minute Problem Solver

Simple, Meaningful Messaging instead of complicated guru systems . I'll show you 5-Minute Problem Solver Messaging so that you cut through the crowded market and get their attention right off the bat

What You'll Get:

  • Exclusive, first use of our new 5-Minute Business Builder Progam
  • 3-Month Commitment
  • One Content Presentation per month
  • Private Access to The Course Library, Access 24/7 and Track Your Progress
  • Only $37 / month

Join Our Delighted Clients

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What If You Were Empowered To:

  • Go from feeling like finding clients is too hard, to finding clients with ease
  • Cut through the crowded market of other lightworkers to find your next ideal client
  • Grab the attention of your ideal clients with this one simple switch
  • Empower you to stop reducing your rates to just sign a client
  • Allow you to stop offering free sessions & make an income doing what you are called to do and what you love to do
  • Use our Exclusive "5 Minute Client Finder“ tool to spot where to focus next to get clients

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