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Accelerate Your Lightworker Business for 2024!

Relief is Coming for Your Business

Let's dig in and get your year on track for growing a business you love and it loves you back.

Feel the relief of it working with ease and satisfaction. Let's go!

I Have Some Secrets to Show You!

Learn The 5-Minute Business Builder Tools

in this 3-Month Program

5-Minute Client Finder

Learn our Exclusive 5-Minute Client Finder Tool. Learn where you to look for clients, all in 5 minutes or less! We just use 5 organic steps. I'll give you the exact tool we use so that you know where to look for clients.

5-Minute Value Validator

Many gurus are teaching "widget marketing" which sets you up to compete with 10 million other Lightworkers and cut your rates. I’ll show you our 5-Minute Value Validator so that you stand out without reducing your fees

5-Minute Problem Solver

Simple, Meaningful Messaging instead of complicated guru systems . I'll show you 5-Minute Problem Solver Messaging so that you cut through the crowded market and get their attention right off the bat

Like getting yummy Lightworker clients with ease?

Get ready to grow a business that you love, your way!

What If You Were Empowered To:

  • Go from feeling like finding clients is too hard, to finding clients with ease
  • Cut through the crowded market of other lightworkers to find your next ideal client
  • Grab the attention of your ideal clients with this one simple switch
  • Empower you to stop reducing your rates to just sign a client
  • Allow you to stop offering free sessions & make an income doing what you are called to do and what you love to do
  • Use our Exclusive "5 Minute Client Finder“ tool to spot where to focus next to get clients

This is Perfect for You If You are

A Lightworker or Energy Healer:

  • who is challenged finding clients to grow their Lightworker business
  • who has tried guru one-size fits all programs with disappointing results
  • who struggles to find messaging that is authentic to you and not sleazy
  • who is willing to invest some time in trying the material and offering feedback
  • who want to re-find the joy of your service and love your business too.-

What You'll Get:

  • 5-Minute Client Finder
  • 5-Minute Value Validator
  • 5-Minute Problem Solver
  • 3-Month Progam to get you going
  • One Content Presentation per month
  • Private Access to The Course Library, Access 24/7 and Track Your Progress
  • Only $37 / month

This program is called Lightworker 5-Minute Business Builder and it was developed just for Lightworkers.

This isn’t just another "get clients" program where you're taught someone else's one-size-fits-all all system and expected to make it work for you. This is about nailing down three core steps in a way that is authentic to you, your niche and your superpowers. This program is designed for Lightworkers, not widget sellers.

This isn't some "pdf dump" either. You're getting all 3 of the vital business growing modules with a private coaching library to track your progress. all for $37 / mon. Jump on this if you want to make 2024 your Lightworker Business year!

Join Our Delighted Clients and Feel the Relief

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