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How You Can Master the Specific Decision Making Needed So You Can Overcome the Lightworker Business Dilemma Ahead.

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Kristin Bensch - Became a Manifesting Marvel “When I started working with Ron and the Lights On Business team, I truly started to grow and get the support that covered all areas of my life. I learned how to manifest! A $75k gig, then a $40k one, then a $60k one, then other potential clients coming to me. There is not a more comprehensive program out there, nor the level of support that is customizable to you. This program truly offers you the support and tools to make the changes you desire and the ones you don’t see too!”
Beth Simpson - From Almost No Clients to Full Calendar: "Your support has meant the difference between dreaming of a business and having one. Many of the current business methods feel empty on the inside. You bring connection. I appreciate that you haven’t tried to change where I come from but helped me find better, workable ways to use what I love to do."
Amber Lynn Vitale - Amber turned the Lights On for Husband, Family, Location and Business!! From desperate and miserable on multiple fronts to living the penultimate life of her dreams. “I am drenched in awe and gratitude for the new life you helped midwife for me.”
Charles Ames Fischer, Educator and Author: Not only did his book sales rise, he also found that people he had worked for referred ideal clients to him. He is nationally known as the expert in "The Socratic Cclassroom".
Kathleen Wells Erickson, LCSW - Positive Change for Positive Living: "My advice to other service souls about dealing with all the noise in the world: I believe it requires utilizing the written words that your program helped me state when identifying my goals, my ethos, and my plan. It is so easy to lose focus in today’s world. I use the plan daily. Light work still depends on our own integrity and authenticity. The noise can wear us down, make us question things but not necessarily in a good way. And, people who TELL us what to do rather than GUIDE and SUPPORT our own autonomy focus on all the wrong things in my opinion. Thank you, Ron and Lights On Business, for offering a business coaching program that works with my energy and style. "

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